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Our Story

It all started when a hopeless romantic received the most incredible rose bouquet from her lover, only to find that those blooms that had blossomed so beautifully met its demise only days later. Her heart sank, the withering roses had not lived up to her expectations, for it did not reflect their enduring, undying love. Alas, she traveled the world to find the most beautiful and most vibrant roses and made it her mission to make those roses last.

Mon Amour was created with the intention to deliver happiness and luxury through everlasting parisian bloom boxes as Canada’s first luxury rose atelier.

All Mon Amour arrangements are carefully curated by floral design specialists to leave a lasting impression- in hopes it will remind those who receive it of their passionate love; through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs of everyday life.

Fall in love everyday with Mon Amour